Top 5+ Best Noise Reduction Software

We can now capture so much more than ever before thanks to the fast improvement of technology, but there is one issue that will persist for as long as digital cameras have image sensors, and that is noise.

In this article, I will mention 5+ best noise reduction software that can smooth out grain and restore image detail in high-ISO images.



Best Noise Reduction Software

The first software I want to mention is DxO PureRAW that fits into the workflow nicely because it is designed to remove noise from images before moving on to editing in other image editing software. PureRAW not only removes image noise, but it can also remove aliasing and correct lens flaws thanks to the DxO Optical Modules that sit inside.

DxO PureRAW is one of the most user-friendly noise reduction softwares available, thanks to a well-designed user interface and helpful introductory tips. Its noise removal processing is unrivaled in this roundup

Koupit Doxycyklin v Praze

, yielding truly remarkable results with clean, crisp edges.

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC

The second software for you to reduce image’s noise is Photoshop CC. It does a reasonably good job of removing noise using its most basic feature, the Reduce Noise filter, but it’s one of the worst in this roundup. When this option is selected, a new window appears with control sliders for modifying the filter’s variables. There are four settings to choose from: strength, preserve details, reduce color noise, and sharpen details. It’s simple to remove a significant amount of noise from images by carefully balancing each control.

For advanced users, there’s even an advanced option to remove noise based on color channels. A Remove JPEG Artifact button is intended to reduce compression issues caused by lossy compression algorithms via the JPEG file format, but it is not particularly effective. There are several techniques for manually removing noise in Photoshop CC, but compared to the other one-click options in this round-up, it would be a time-consuming move.

However, it’s worth noting that the noise reduction controls in Adobe Camera Raw, which is used to convert raw files before editing, are just as powerful and effective as those in Lightroom.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

The next one in the list is Affinity Photo. The Details tab is located within Affinity Photo’s Develop Persona and is responsible for changing the fine details within an image. Scroll down to Noise Reduction and enable it to reveal five sliders. Controls for luminance, luminance details, luminance contribution, colors, and colors contribution are similar to those found in Lightroom Classic.

When adding luminance or color sliders to a photograph to reduce overall noise, the processing is immediate and visible. It produces very clean results that look good, but we believe that the lack of a contrast option causes some images to appear glassy, which is especially noticeable on skin tones.

ON1 NoNoise AI

ON1 NoNoise AI

The next one is On1 NoNoise AI which can be used as a standalone noise removal software or as a plugin to integrate into an existing image editing workflow, scans photos before removing noise using Artificial Intelligence. Images with noise problems are subjected to a strong automatic filter, which does an excellent job of balancing noise removal while retaining subject detail.

It provides cropping, masking, refining, and retouching options, as well as a navigation thumbnail, histogram, and information/history windows to track progress. Not the best noise removal software, but certainly one of the better options available. Furthermore, NoNoise AI is now included in the latest version of ON1 Photo RAW 2022, so if you already own that software, you no longer need to purchase ON1 NoNoise separately.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic is also considered one of the best noise reduction software. What Lightroom Classic excels at is creating a smooth workflow with few distractions in the interface. Noise removal is incredibly simple thanks to the Details panel in the Develop module. Lightroom Classic, like Affinity Photo, has six slider controls for adjusting luminance, detail, contrast, color, color detail, and smoothness.

Its approach is strong, and it does a good job of removing noise. Because the contrast slider is included, any dynamic range that was lost during the noise removal process can be restored for high-quality results.The best part is that it seamlessly integrates into the photo editing workflow.

Photoshop and Lightroom can be purchased as individual month-to-month subscriptions, but they are very expensive. They are much better value as part of the Adobe Photography Plan, but you are committed to an annual plan even though this is paid for with a monthly subscription.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a good alternative to Lightroom that includes a noise reduction module. To reduce noise in Luminar, in addition to the basic noise reduction settings, you can make more selective adjustments using masks and layers, just like in Photoshop, with the added benefit of non-destructive processing.

The Luminar AI noise reduction is applied via the “Luminar Denoise” filter, enabling you to reduce luminance or color noise, change the overall effect via a “boost” slider, and finally adjust the opacity. If you already use Lightroom or Photoshop, you can take advantage of all of their features by using a simple and effective plugin,like Luminar.


Above are the top 5+ best software for you to reduce noise in photographs. Hope that it can help you in the process of editing your real estate photographs. All of the plugins and software discussed in this article provide free trials, allowing you to download the various plugins, test them with your own images, and select the plugin that best meets your needs.

If you use any other sortware or plugin that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments so I can include it in future updates.