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Top 10 Secret Tips For Staging A Bedroom To Sell

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You do not need a professional to do bedroom staging for you. Just follow our tips, and you can turn your bedroom into a calm place that most people dream of.

In case you do not know, bedroom staging is a method of decorating. 

This method makes your customers focus on your bedroom’s most unique assets and help them imagine themselves moving in and living there. In other words

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, it enables you to sell your home faster and for more money.

So it makes sense for you to put effort and time into staging a bedroom to sell. Fortunately, our secret tips do not require a lot of money. Whether you are staging a bedroom for house sale or just want a new look, take a look at our 10 bedroom staging tips.

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Top 10 Secret Bedroom Staging Tips

1. De-personalize the space

Like I said above, bedroom staging is to help customers imagine the room as their own. That means it should not be decorated that insinuates the room belongs to the seller.

The fastest way to achieve this is to make your bedroom as black as possible. Start by removing any personal pictures. Keep your closet far away and out of sight. Remember to remove anything related to religion as well.

Although a staged bedroom may look weird at first, it helps customers better concatenate with the room.

2. Chuck away all clutter

Clutters take up the space you want to sell. A tidy room always looks more extensive and more pleasing than a messy room. This is very useful if you are staging a small bedroom.

So, always remember to get rid of all clutters. You do not have to throw things away forever; just pack them up and put them in another room.

Those include un-seasonal clothes, papers, game dice, and everything else that you do not need for everyday life. 

That is because customers may want to open closets to check their available storage. The less clutter there is in the space, the bigger it will look and more appealing to customers.

3. Repair the room

Before putting your property on sale, you have to make sure to patch all tiny holes, scratches, nicks, and any others like those. 

You can start with a melamine foam eraser pad to remove all scrapes on the wall quickly. Maybe you also need to paint touch-ups. 

The purpose is to show your customers that you have maintained the bedroom as well as you can.

4. Clean like you have never cleaned before

You need to make sure every square inch of your room shines when staging a bedroom. A cleanroom will make customers feel that current holders take good care of the property. 

If you have forgotten specific tasks, such as dusting your window blinds, now is the time to do it.

5. Rearrange the chattels

When staging a bedroom, you need to make sure that the room is as open as possible as it helps customers visualize their furniture better.

Look around the room. Are there any oversized items, damaged items, or unmatched items? 

It would be best if you put them in a box and get them out of the room. With all the rest items, reference some master staging bedroom ideas and rearrange them to make the bedroom look and feel as vast as possible.

6. Let there be light in your home staging bedroom

No one wants to live in a dark place. Lighten up by letting as much sunlight into the bedroom as possible. 

Open the blinds on all of the windows. It does not just make the room brighter but also makes it seem larger. If there is any problem with the view, you can open the slats instead to have a similar effect. 

One of the best alternative bedroom staging ideas is to turn on all the lights in your bedroom for showings. The result is a more welcoming bedroom. Customers also do not have to fumble around finding out which switches turn on which light.

You can do both ways to have an even better result.

7. Go neutral

Not everyone wants bold colors on the walls. So if you are staging a bedroom for sale, you should paint over any vivid colors with a neutral one, like white, gray, and taupe. 

A neutral bedroom gives your customers the option to go, whether bright or dark.

Besides, bold colors can distract from a room’s assets. Like clothes and pictures, they are signifiers not to the room’s future but of its past.

The tip may take you more time and money, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to sale time and price on the market.

8. Make your room fresh again

Although too many unnecessary items in a bedroom can decrease its perceived value, a few well-placed, healthy flowers and plants can add freshness and life to the room. 

You can try to put some potted plants or some succulents on end tables, and maybe a larger potted plant in the corner of the room, too.

If you do not have time to take care of real plants, you can use fake plants. They will produce the same ambiance with less work.

Besides the atmosphere, you need to make sure there is no foul smell in the room. You can buy a small scented plugin and install it in the bedroom, keep it on a low setting as not everyone likes scents.

9. Stage bed by adding some extra pillows

Having around 5 to 8 different tone and pattern pillows on the bed will make it look more relaxed and luxurious. It is a great idea to stage for bed because you can include texture and pattern pops.

It also adds some character back into the room and creates a relaxed atmosphere after neutralizing it.

10. Add a headboard

The bed should be the focal spot of the room. A lack of a headboard may make space feel a little screw-up, especially if you are staging a master bedroom. To staging a bed, just buy one headboard and add it into the room.

You should choose the one that you can spruce up with some paint.

To find a low-priced headboard, you can find it in local thrift stores or garage sales.

One alternative way is to hang curtains behind the bed. It makes the bed become a focal spot and brings some luxury and elegance to the bedroom.

Wrapping up

Bedroom staging does not require a lot of money. It just takes a little bit of effort. You can also ask your agent to set up a bedroom to sell the house more quickly.

Once you have done everything to show your bedroom’s best, you can relax and wait for the right customers to stop by.

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