9 Things to Remember in a Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist

9 Things to Remember in a Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist

Most agents find themselves groping in the dark when they present a real estate listing. Because a lot of times, they do not know what to say and just improvise. Naturally, they will lose.

Or maybe, you just finished presenting your listing and thought you had succeeded. All of a sudden, your potential client chooses to go with another.

Do not worry! You now can finally put an end to these by following our real estate listing presentation checklist.

Tips for Mastering a Listing Presentations for Real Estate Agents


First, you need to know that the purpose of your realtor listing presentation is to motivate your seller to make a decision that is for their best benefit. To do that, you must understand the essential parts of an effective listing presentation:

  • They are motivated sellers. (people who want to sell, not people you have to persuade to sell)
  • You have to determine their motives carefully.
  • You appear confident and prepared.

We will discuss these in more detail in the rest of this article.

The Power of Preparation in a Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentation

If you want to make your best listing presentation and have a win, you must prepare well in advance.

Prequalify Your Seller


Your listing presentation begins even before you appear at your seller’s house. It starts with your prequalification conversation with them.

Prequalification is imperative because it helps you accomplish the goal, which is to lead the seller to the decision that is in their best interest and inspire them to hire you.

You need to clarify their motives, identify their objections, understand their personality style, and establish rapport and trust. When you prequalify a seller, talk to them with genuine interest.

How do you start prequalification?

How you address prequalification has an immense impact on how your sellers respond to you. You could accidentally ask the wrong way and turn them against you. 

Do not say, ‘Before we meet, I need to ask you a few questions. Is that okay?’ It can create negative energy between the seller and you. They feel like they are about to be interrogated. And no one wants that.

Instead, say something like, ‘Before we meet each other, I need a little more information from you. Therefore, I can do my preparation and make our time together with the most valuable to you. Do you have a few minutes to spare?’

This lets them know that they are important to you because you care about their situation and want to learn more about them. The words you use really make a big difference!

Having the right mindset when prequalifying

  • Stop playing not to lose and start playing to win. Stop trying to avoid making mistakes.
  • Your attitude and energy are everything. Be caring and confident.
  • Do not be too good. It makes people think you are weak. 
  • Do not think you have to explain everything.
  • If you do not ask

    , you will not get valuable information.

  • Do not let people waste your time.
  • Take responsibility. Let them acknowledge you know what you are doing. 

Have a Good Pre-listing Package


This is the next essential thing in our real estate listing presentation checklist. You need to have:

  • Personal introduction video (PIV): Take a quick video letting your seller know that you are happy to help them sell their property. PIV is great at attracting potential clients and make them want to hire you because it can make you unforgettable for them.
  • Your action plan (e.g., 5-step action plan) & Stats (e.g., Average number of days listing in the market) & Company information
  • Testimonials and reviews: Third-party testimonials are powerful in giving you trustworthiness. Remember to send your seller a link to your testimonials or a hard copy of them.
  • Market analysis: Do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and send your seller the result with the note, ‘Please note that this is raw data. We will make the necessary adjustments when we meet.’ This will help them align their expectations to reality.
  • Seller Net Sheet: Only submit this if the price has been settled.
  • All documents list: These are forms they need to sign for you to sell their home. (e.g., List Agreement, MLS input datasheet, disclosure)


Once you prepared everything and confirmed your listing appointment, you can now go with more confidence to have your best real estate listing presentation. Remember to appear prepared, punctual, and pumped.

Role-play is Key

The fastest way to master presenting a listing is to internalize scripts and role-play.`

Have a role-play with your coach live or record it and let your coach watch and give you feedback. Then practice the way you play. That is how you master it.

Listen to Your Seller


So many sales experts are talking more than prospects, and they are not listening to what the prospects have to say. 

What most real estate agents do not realize is that you win listings with your ears, not your mouth. This is something you do not usually find on a regular real estate listing presentation checklist!

Listening is probably one of the most effective ways to get people to trust you, like you, and agree with you.

So, how do you actually listen to them?

  1. Master the script. Therefore, you can stop thinking about what to say next. If you are busy doing so, your voice will not be authentic, and you will not be able to listen to anyone.
  2. Listen to your seller with complete focus. When you listen to them, you are telling them that they matter, and what is important to them is also important to you.
  3. Take notes on your seller’s plans, motivations, ideal home, pain, goals and dreams, and the words they use. When you take notes of what they say, you can use the exact words so that they are ready to hire you.

Do Not Put Your Seller to Sleep

One of the biggest mistakes most real estate agents makes when presenting listings that quickly tire a seller is being boring!

Here are three helpful tactics to help keep your sellers from falling asleep and keep them engaged:

  • Have more enthusiasm and energy. Excited about what your sellers are excited about. Be genuinely interested in helping them because when they feel that you care, they will intuitively know that you will do a great job helping them get what they want.
  • Ask questions that focus on what they want to keep them engaged while also repeating and affirming your answers. The key is to have a conversation, not just talk and try to impress them. 
  • Get to the point. Most agents do not understand that sellers do not want to list their homes. They want to sell it and move out. They care about the results, not the presentation of the listing.

Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist for Virtual Meetings


Nowadays, more and more listing presentations are made online. This might be not the best option, but you can still make it as powerful and effective as in-person listing presentations.

Here are seven tactics to keep your realtor listing presentation engaging:

  • Master the in-person listing presentation and script. Some agents say they are distracted by it when they are presenting. What is the solution? Practice. Record yourself on Zoom. So you can replay and learn.
  • Zoom in on your face. Aim the camera at eye level, leaving just a little space between the screen and the top of your head. Have good lighting and a webcam in front of you.
  • Remember to smile and nod. These visual signs make your seller like and trust you because they see that you care about them.
  • Have a strong voice and good sound quality. Speak clearly yet quickly so that your seller understands you.
  • Make eye contact. Look directly at the camera (not the computer screen), so you are looking your seller straight in their eyes.
  • Engage your seller with questions. It will become a real conversation where they engage and feel that you care about them.
  • Expect a decision. Be prepared that the seller will decide to choose you. Have electronic documents ready for them to sign.

Final thoughts

Remember that every time you give a real estate listing presentation, you are trying out for a paycheck. Sellers are interviewing you to see if they can trust you enough to hire and offer you a hefty commission to sell their homes. 

Follow our real estate listing presentation checklist and you can expect that at the end of your listing presentation, you will win.