How to Replace Sky by Using Photoshop Sky Replacement Tool

How to Replace Sky by Using Photoshop Sky Replacement Tool

Photoshop Sky Replacement tool is a gamechanger for real estate photographers. It allows you to make the best of a cloudy day quickly and easily.

In this article, we gladly introduce you to a great new feature from Adobe Photoshop for real estate photographers.

You may already know you can’t always get perfect skies when shooting. And in some cases, we do not have any choice but to change the sky in Photoshop later.

This process can be very tedious. And if there are many trees and stuff that you have to mask out, it will quickly become arduous, too.

But that hard time is over with a new feature on Adobe Photoshop 2020 called Photoshop Sky Replacement tool


What is Photoshop Sky Replacement?

Photoshop Sky Replacement is a new tool that can replace skies in photos in about 5 seconds. 

Also, there is an option to output the new sky and the settings we chose as a collection of new Layers and Adjustments. That means we can get even more detailed with our edits later by using Layer Masks or extra Adjustment Layers to fine-tune the overall effect.


Replace Sky in Real Estate Daytime Photos with Photoshop Sky Replacement 


Below is a typical real estate that has been shot on a cloudy day with many trees. This is an excellent example to see how this new Sky Replacement in Photoshop works.

Sky Replacement in Photoshop

Note: You must update Photoshop to the latest release to use this feature. 

To change sky in Photoshop, first, click on edit and then choose “Sky Replacement…” 

change sky in Photoshop

The first thing you will see is a dialog with the default sky option. 

Sky Replacement

Now, click on the tiny arrow key on the right side of it to show the other choices. You need to figure out which one will suit the real estate photo.

real estate photo

Since this is a day shot, we pick this particular sky. You should instantly see the result. In our example, you can see Photoshop replaced the sky perfectly without interfering with the other sections.

Since this is a day shot

If you look over to the other settings, you can see a slider labeled “Shift Edge.” This determines where the border between the sky and the other parts of the photos begins.

For this situation

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, we turned it to the right to make the “white fog” near the border disappear.

white fog

There is also an option labeled “Fade Edge” to set the amount of fading or feathering from the sky image to the original.

With the brightness slider, you can make the brightness of the sky either darker or brighter.

Fade Edge

You can also change the color temperature of the sky with the temperature slider.

color temperature

You also have a scale slider. If you want to zoom in (because you want the clouds bigger, for instance), just slide it to the right. 

You also have a scale slider

Below the scale slider is the checkbox labeled “Flip.” Check it if you want to flip the sky. In some cases, e.g., you want the clouds to look like they are coming in a different direction, this feature will be very handy.


Now, go ahead and press “OK.” Keep the “Output” setting the default to place the sky on a new layer. The reason you should do this is to go back to the original sky later if needed. For example, you want to see the differences.

When we zoom in on the photo, you can see the details around the trees are stupendous.

When we zoom in on the photo

Tip: You can also put in your own skies if there is no available option that satisfies you. In case you have skies that you have shot, imported, or purchased, you can create a folder containing them and put it in here. 

What we love about this new feature is that it is very convenient and easy to find the sky you need. You do not have to get out of Photoshop, look on your desktop or Finder to locate your skies, and then bring it back in. That is what we need as real estate photographers.

Replace Sky in Real Estate Twilight Photos with Photoshop Sky Replacement 

In this section, let’s see what it will look like if we use this feature for a twilight photo. Obviously, you need different types of skies for twilight photos. 

Replace Sky in Real Estate Twilight Photos

Now, once again, to change sky in Photoshop, go into “Edit,” choose “Sky Replacement…,” and then click on the arrow.

Sky Replacement

You can see here that there are already some particular skies for twilight photos. Let’s just pick this dynamic purple sky.

for twilight photos

If you take a deep close look on the left side of the photo, you can see the trees have a kind of fringing look around them.

But if we slide the “Shift Edge” slider to the right, you can see they get darker. So the details are a lot more perfect now. 

details are a lot more perfect now

How good is the Adobe Photoshop Sky Replacement feature in arduous situations?

In this section, we would try a new photo with a lot of trees and a half-decent sky. You can see it already has a little bit of bluish tint. Let’s see how well the sky replacement in Photoshop did with this photo.

sky replacement in Photoshop

This time, we chose the sky below.

This time, we chose the sky below.

In the image below, you can see this new Photoshop 2021 sky replacement feature did a fantastic job. And it just took around five seconds to accomplish this.

sky replacement


There is no more need for you to outsource your editing for outside skies. With this new Photoshop 2021 sky replacement, you can do it really quickly and easily. 

You can edit 5-6 real estate photos in about 2 minutes. Photoshop will do it perfectly for you. So you can rest assured.

In short, Adobe has done an awesome job with this upgrade. We are now already in love with this new Photoshop sky replacement tool sinse it helped us save a lot of time and effort.

We hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on the Photoshop Sky Replacement feature of the new Photoshop 2020. 

In case you have not upgraded Photoshop for a while, this is the perfect moment to do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below. We will always hear to help you.

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