How to Make Your Virtual Open House Strategy Success?

Switching to a virtual realm for marketing and selling properties is terrifying and uncomfortable for many real estate agencies. Our virtual open house guide remains a valuable resource for agents as we continue to see a need for virtual marketing. There are also a number of tools available to help you successfully market listings online.


360-Degree Panoramas

The first way to make your virtual open house strategy successful is to use 360-degree panoramas.

What is 360-degree panorama?

A 360-degree panorama is simply a 3D shot that covers the full horizontal and vertical fields of view around a person. When you take a 360-degree shot with your camera, you capture every single point around you, in every possible viewing direction.



Buyers would be able to picture the place better if you provide 360° HDReal Panoramas in your listing. Our skilled photographers capture and stitch together an image to generate Virtuance’s 360-degree panoramas. The 360° HDReal Panoramas integrate with the gyro sensors in smartphones to create a virtual effect that is even more dramatic.

Additionally, you can view our 360-degree pano pictures within the Virtuance Marketing Suite or as a Facebook post! Take a look at these ten 360° HDReal Panorama examples.      


Why should we take 360-degree panoramas?

  • Panoramic photos put viewers in the middle of the action.
  • Viewers can quickly switch between different parts of the space.
  • The spatial accuracy of the 360-degree Panos is excellent.
  • Viewers can better visualize how to arrange a room when it is staged (vs a still image)                            


Matterport 3D Tours

The second way is that you should consider giving buyers the opportunity to stroll through your listing without actually being there. While a virtual walkthrough isn’t as good as an in-person tour, it’s a good alternative if you can’t conduct an open house or if the buyers can’t make it to a showing. Matterport 3D Tours is software that combines several real estate photographs into a single virtual tour. Viewers can click their way through the listing from their desktop or mobile device, similar to Google Maps Street View.




Viewers can choose from three distinct perspectives to experience Matterport tours. There’s also Dollhouse View, which lets viewers see the complete house from any angle. Buyers can better picture the flow of the house with Dollhouse View. Buyers can examine the entire layout as a 3D rendering if there are numerous stories. There’s also a Floor Plan View option

, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the property. These aids purchasers in visualizing the dimensions and space. Then there’s Inside View, which is the most common method of navigating a Matterport 3D Tour.

Why should we take Matterport 3D Tours?

  • Buyers can view your listing at any time and from any location.
  • Viewers are given a comprehensive tour of your listing.
  • Buyers can proceed at their own pace and return to rooms as needed.
  • A high-quality virtual environment gives viewers the impression that they are in the room.
  • The tours cover up to 10,000 square feet and are dimensionally accurate.


Facebook/Instagram Live

The next way is taking advantage of social media channels that offer live video streaming tools for users. Two excellent options for conducting a virtual open house are Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Viewers will sense the real-time connection when you do a live walkthrough. A live social media video is an excellent way to interact with your audience while promoting a property. You can emphasize property qualities and delve deeply into a home’s characteristics from the perspective of an expert.


Why should we live stream on Facebook or Instagram?

  • Real estate agents can interact with their target market.
  • Viewers are given a walkthrough tour by a real estate agent.
  • Viewers have the opportunity to communicate with the host and ask pertinent questions.
  • Live video creates a sense of belonging and connection.


Video Conferencing Platforms

A video conferencing platform is an alternative to using social media platforms for live streaming. For example, hosting a virtual open house tour with Zoom is a great choice for listing agents. You can invite people to a Zoom conference via email or social media, and you can host a video room with up to 100 people. The option to add virtual backgrounds to your meeting is a fun feature of Zoom. Before beginning the virtual open house, this is a terrific way to bring some color and fun to your view.


Why should we use a video conferencing platform?


  • You can send out invitations only to serious buyers.
  • Zoom virtual backgrounds make your video sessions more engaging.
  • Through their own camera, viewers can communicate directly with you.
  • Buyers get an inside view of the listing from a professional in the field.




Taking your open house strategy online appears to be a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, a few real estate photography providers and social media platforms provide vital virtual products and solutions to help reduce those challenges. 360-degree panoramas, Matterport 3D tours, Facebook/Instagram Live broadcasts, and video conferencing systems like Zoom can all be used to organize a virtual open house.

Hopefully, this article helped you make your virtual open house strategy succeed.