5+ Best Virtual Staging Software 2021

5+ Best Virtual Staging Software 2021

Virtual staging software helps you improve the look of a place by adding furniture and making your real estate photographs more appealing. These initiatives can pique the curiosity of potential purchasers, raise the value of a home, and so on. The software’s flexibility allows you to change the size of a room, the location of windows, the color of the walls, improve the design, and so on.

In this article, we are sharing with you the top 5+ best free virtual staging software for enhancing real estate photographs quality.

5+ Best Free Virtual Staging Software

When putting up a list of top visual stager software, I consider things like the quality of the output, responsive customer support, picture enhancement, inexpensive price, floor plan reworks, user-friendly UI, huge library, 360-degree services, and so on. Virtual staging is less expensive and takes less time than actual staging.

Choose the best virtual staging software for changing unfurnished houses into magnificent homes for your clients if you’re a real estate agent or a home designer.

Adobe Photoshop

This free virtual staging software for real estate will assist you in converting a room’s space into a 3D lifelike depiction. The program can generate volumetric layouts for all objects in the room to throw a shadow on the floor. The software also allows you to create your own library by incorporating the key structural parts (walls, partitions, windows, doors, and more). You can produce exceptionally high-quality outcomes with the help of numerous textures.



Adobe Photoshop also offers you the ability to change the brightness, contrast, and color scheme. This tool can be used to brighten up a room and make colors more vibrant.

Like other popular tools, this virtual staging software works on both Windows and Mac computers and offers a similar set of features for $49.99 per month on average.

3ds Max

3ds Max is a 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software for architects, designers, and visualization specialists. Its user interface and toolkit are well-structured and ordered, making it simple to operate. 3ds Max provides a robust set of tools for creating any 3D model while maintaining precise metric dimensions.


The software can add realistic features to living areas, increasing their appearance and making them more appealing. This software’s features enable you to showcase the interior’s attractiveness while also presenting the home in the best possible light. Thanks to the quality rendering method with perfect texturing and lighting settings, it also ensures absolute photorealism.

Cedar Architect

Cedar Architect is a free 3D virtual staging software that lets you renovate and create homes in 3D, decorate interiors with 3D home staging, and enhance homes with 3D animation, among other things. Each is broken down into specific services. Exterior and virtual interior design, 3D floor plans, and 360° virtual tours are all examples of 3D animation.


Cedar Architect guarantees photorealistic renderings that show the house as the potential tenant or buyer would like to see it. It comes with a 15-day free trial that includes three projects and three HD renderings. The quantity of Print Renderings and 360° Views available in the premium bundles varies.


VisualStager is considered the greatest free virtual staging software because of its simple drag-and-drop functionality for quickly placing furniture, portraits, carpets, and other items. There are up to 2500 furniture and decor elements that are customizable and replaceable with the keyboard touchpad in this fantastic virtual furniture staging software.



Best Virtual Staging Software 2021

Because VisualStager is a browser-based tool, it may be used on a variety of devices such as PC, iOS, and other devices without downloading. All you need to do is to submit an image, scale it, remove extraneous details, and develop a new design to execute staging.

The pricing of this virtual staging software is based on the Prepaid Credits method. As a result, a customer buys credits in advance and utilizes them to stage a shot. 10 credits can be used to stage a single photo with an unlimited number of staging objects.

Real Tour Vision Software

Real Tour Vision is listed in the best free virtual staging program collection since it has a large collection of furniture and décor items that can be utilized to fill empty spaces with something unique. This software

, which uses patented 3D rendering technology, allows you to create floor plans and upload photos of your home, then customize it with furniture and décor items based on your tastes.



Best Virtual Staging Software 2021

This software is compatible with the Chrome and Safari web browsers. Credits purchased with actual money are used to pay for staged photographs. For example, 100 credits will set you back $100, and one staged image will set you back roughly 15 credits.


roOmy is a free virtual home staging software that can turn photographs into aesthetically staged environments using real-world furnishings from merchants like Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, and Design Within Reach. Aside from that, visitors can purchase the furnishings they see in the staged photographs.




roOmy has a fantastic collection of sample rooms to help you create stunning 3D interiors from a basic 2D image of your space. After that, you may assess whether the used furniture or decorative objects are appropriate for the room and design.


Above are the top 5+ best free virtual staging software for you to edit your real estate photographs to make them more appealing. You can choose any tools from the list to add further furniture or advanced interior design, to make real estate clients impressed with your house.