9 Tips to Take A Good Photo Of Your Bathroom

9 Tips to Take A Good Photo Of Your Bathroom

Have you ever attempted to photograph your bathroom and usually end up with a photo that wasn’t nearly as impressive as you’d wished?

When taking interior shots, keep in mind that light fluctuations outside will impact the inside contrast and balance, just as it would with any other type of photography. While it’s easy to get caught up in the equipment you’ll need to obtain the shot, there are lots of other factors to consider.

Why Do You Need To Take A Good Picture Of Your Bathroom?

A bathroom may reveal a lot about a house and its inhabitants. You could wish to display a photograph of your bathroom to a friend who can’t see it in person, or you could need one while you’re selling your home. When you do it wrong, you could get that sinking feeling since the photo you took doesn’t do your restroom justice.

How to Take A Good Photo Of Your Bathroom?

Below are the 9 best tips that you can apply to get the best photos of your bathroom.

1. Ensure the Space Clean

If you want to get the greatest photographs of an interior like a bathroom, you have to make sure that the background is spotless and in immaculate condition.

Ensure the Space clean

While cleaning is unlikely to be part of your job responsibilities, if no one else is available, you may have to roll up your sleeves and do some fine-tuning to ensure the room looks its best.

Solid surfaces such as the bathtub and surround, the toilet, mirrors, and the vanity counter and sink, for example, should all be clean and dry. Don’t forget about the floor. Look check the hardware as well; faucets, for example, can have wet spots that will show up in a high-resolution shot.

2. Try different compositions

Before you begin, think about a range of perspectives. I would avoid shooting from very low or very high angles because the things in the shot may be distorted. The eye-level of an 11-year-old is a decent overall starting point from which to fine-tune. Also, make sure your vertical line in the middle is straight. Also, don’t be afraid to crop foreground things. ‘Shooting through’ doors, tables, and other objects. ‘Shooting through’ objects like doors, tables, and chairs can serve to give a room a sense of depth. However, keep in mind that the room should account for around 90% of the shot.



Take A Good Photo Of Bathroom


Take A Good Photo Of Bathroom


3. Attention To Detail

The settings on your camera will ultimately determine the quality of your bathroom photos. Choose the highest-quality resolution for your photos to ensure that you get all of the finer details.





It won’t matter how good your bathroom images are if you don’t save them in the best possible quality. When you share your photographs with others, you’ll want them to see what you see. Save the photos at the highest possible resolution. TIFF and RAW files are ideal for publication, while high-resolution JPEGs and GIFs are ideal for sharing on social media or emailing to friends.

4. Avoid light if it’s possible

Try not to turn on the lights in the room. Use the natural light available to you whenever possible. Set your camera to manual and expose it to acquire the necessary detail if your camera enables it. Increase the exposure time in a dark room since shadows tend to gather together. Reduce the exposure time in a bright white reflective room to avoid blowing out the highlights.

As you can see in the examples below, the bathroom photograph without lights is better than the one with turning lights.\

Take A Good Photo Of Bathroom Take A Good Photo Of Bathroom

5. Select a focal point


Take A Good Photo Of Bathroom

Make the most appealing item in the room the focal point of the shot, even if it means you won’t be able to view the entire room. I’d rather have three separate views of space, each of which effectively conveys the contents and ambiance of the place, than one image in which everything gets lost.

Bathrooms typically feature a variety of eye-catching features, such as a stunning bathtub surround, a distinctive vanity cabinet, or noteworthy elements such as high-end faucets and other fixtures.

6. Notice to Sharp Angles 

photograph bathroom

Some real estate photographers make the mistake of photographing bathrooms at sharp angles in order to provide a creative or distinctive picture of the bathroom.

This is a mistake since it can result in uneven lines that make the bathroom appear non-square or as if you were falling over while taking the photo.

Although this perspective distortion can be corrected in post-production

, it’s far easier to correct the problem in-camera by shooting with the camera level to the ground.

7. Avoid excessive Reflections

Finding ways to photograph the space without catching your reflection in the frame is one of the most difficult aspects of bathroom photography. Or avoid the reflection as much as possible.

One of the simplest ways to avoid this is changing the height from which you shoot the photo.

photograph bathroom

While this perspective isn’t normal, it nevertheless works since the snapshot is full of interesting details, such as the doorknob and drawer handles.

photograph bathroom

8. Overcome Bright Windows

Getting the exposure perfect for the inside area as well as the view via the window is one of the most difficult aspects of photographing a bathroom with a window.

photograph bathroom

If the bathroom is dark and the windows are small, this is especially problematic; the result is often a photo that is well-exposed for either the dark bathroom or the light window, but not both.

To avoid this issue, bracket your exposures by taking three to five identical images of the space (except for the exposure settings) and combining them to make a final image that is evenly exposed throughout, such as the one seen above.

Of course, you cannot avoid reflection in all situations. In such cases, you might have to rely on your post-processing skills to get rid of your reflection from the real estate photos.

9. Use a tripod

The last but not least tip to get good bathroom photographs is always use a tripod when taking photos.

This may seem odd to say, but it’s crucial. If you don’t have a tripod, any firm surface would suffice; nevertheless, ensure that your camera is protected from falls.

You can take a look at our review on the best tripods for real estate photography to pick out the most suitable one for your camera.

These are the best tips for you to take the perfect bathroom photographs. Hopefully, this will be a help for you while doing your real estate photography.