10 Essential Editing and Retouching Tips For Real Estate Photos

10 Essential Editing and Retouching Tips For Real Estate Photos

With just a few basic photo editing for real estate techniques can turn your mediocre photos into stunning ones. Let’s find out how in this article!

Photo editing for real estate is a difficult and time-consuming task. That is because you need to make sure every real estate picture of your company is as eye-catching as possible to boost the sale.

Even so, you can do some real estate photo retouching on your own without having to find a real estate photo editing outsourcing service. I will show you 12 essential real estate image editing tips that you can use right away to enhance your real estate photos in today’s article.

Why do you need to edit and retouch your real estate photo?

When someone finds an estate, the first impression that hits their eyes is your real estate image. That means the images have a special rule in moving your customers’ decision on whether to buy your real estate or not. Nobody wants to live in a dark and messy house.

A good real estate editing photo not only brings more engagement to your properties but helps you build the brand image and some reliability as well.

In short, real estate photo retouching is a must-have process to attract your customers. You just can not survive with low-quality real estate photos in this competitive world.

10 essential tips about photo editing for real estate

1. Straighten the lines


Straighten the lines

Tips For Real Estate Photos

When taking your estate photos, you need to check if the lines are straight or not. Make sure the lines do not bend in some way.

But if you have taken all the shots, you can always edit them afterward. To adjust a line in Photoshop, you can use the Free Transform tool. Ensure that you select the entire photo and drag the corner of the image to adjust its angle to where all the lines are leaning towards.

2. Do color correcting

Do color correcting

Color correcting is one of the must-have steps you have to do when post-processing your real estate images. You can do this in a real estate photo editor, such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

But it is easier if you do color correcting in Lightroom. Use the Eyedropper tool on the toolbar, then choose a neutral area of the image to correct the color of the entire photo.

Depending on the color of the image, you may need to adjust tint, hue, and saturation in order to have a realistic image. You can use raw images for retouching to enhance your photos, too.

3. Remove unwanted objects with the Clone tool

You must clean up all your real estate images with the Clone tool in Photoshop. Nobody wants to stick with a messy place.

To remove unwanted objects from your photo, you need to choose the source area first with the Clone tool. After that, you can start painting and cloning over all the objects you want to remove.

4. Adjust the white balance

Whether you shoot exterior or interior, you will always confront lighting problems. To fix this, use real estate photo editors, like Lightroom to adjust highlights, shadows, blacks, and whites. You can use other real estate photo editing software, but it will be a bit harder.

To adjust the white balance, hold down the Option key on your Mac or Alt key on your PC, then use your mouse to drag the black bar, white bar until your image has the right amount of light.

For example, if you have glaring highlights on the photo, you may want to drag down the highlight bar to decrease the light.

5. Adjust composition with cropping

Cropping photos is a great way to remove all composition errors that were made when shooting the shots. Despite that, many people underrate this photo editing for real estate technique.

With cropping, you can make your images have the right ratio for different websites. This changes the view of the picture, too. So you can focus on what parts you want to highlight.

Just remember, do not overcrop your photos too hard, or it will become a little misleading.

6. Replace the sky

Replace the sky

Tips For Real Estate Photos

Most of the time, when we see exterior images, we want to see blue skylines with some white clouds. To do this, you need to take the sky from another picture and then replace it with the sky in real estate images.

An estate with a beautiful sky will make the image more charming than ever before. So make sure to do this before posting your real estate ads.

7. Add small details

These are some elements that make your real estates look lively and realistic. If not

, the room will feel empty and lacking. Add some small details to describe better what the house will look like when your customers obtain it.

You can add common furniture like some plants around the room, a television on a wall with beautiful wallpaper, etc.

8. Lens correction

You need to remove the optical problems found in most lenses. You can do this easily by using Lightroom. All you need to do is go to the Lens Correction feature and tick the Enable Profile Corrections box. After that, turn on the Remove Color Aberration feature.

9. Use HDR for your photos

In case you do not know, HDR is a technique that helps your real estate images have true depths of the colors usually not caught by many cameras due to some limitations.

Creating an HDR image is quite simple. All you need to do is take many shots with one scene but different light conditions, then merge them into one image to show its shadows and highlights.

10. Do not over-edited your real estate photos

Last but not least, when doing real estate photography editing, do not over-edited them. It would be best if you kept them looking natural.

It is very easy to go too far when doing real estate retouching. It is very easy to go too far when editing photos. And the results are that the pictures look fake and can not be believable.

Remember, when doing real estate photo enhancement, the goal is to sell your property, so remember to make them look as natural as possible.

Final thoughts

Above are the top 10 tips about photo editing for real estate . It would be best if you tried them right away after reading my article.

Your real estate photos need to be the best, so do not save money on this important aspect.

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